Decorating Services and Property Maintenance in Hever
The Importance of Choosing Professionals

In our role as a locally trusted decorating and joinery company, we cannot stress enough the importance of leaving certain elements of property improvement work to the professionals. Our team of joiners, painters and builders have a great passion for property maintenance services, property refurbishments and painting and decorating services. As such, we fully understand the appeal of a DIY project. However, hiring a time-served, fully qualified professional not only garners visually appealing results, it also ensures that safety-critical work within Hever properties meets current UK Building Regulations.

Why take the risk of breaking the law? Why increase the likelihood of sub-standard decoration? Here at Inside & Out, we have been setting standards since 1995. Our painters, joiners and builders have shared trade and industry experience of more than half a century. When it comes to property maintenance, property refurbishments or painting and decorating, we guarantee immaculate, safe results first time, every time.

Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the ways our team ensures full compliance for your property while making it look its best.

Keeping Properties Safe & Aesthetically Appealing

  1. Onsite Safety

    No matter what kind of service we take on, as a joinery company dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment, we determine a secure work area in which to use potentially harmful tools, equipment and chemicals. Whether it’s the wallpaper and paint stripper liquids and accompanying blades used by our painters for decorating services, the saws, drills and hammers used by our joiners, or the heavy-duty machinery operated by our builders, we maintain a focus on safety at all times.

    As a reputable company, we ensure that every member of our staff holds a CSCS card. With this certification, we guarantee that every tradesperson on our Hever sites has been externally assessed and verified as having the required expertise and safety training to carry out their specific task.

    When it comes to DIY projects or cut-price painters, joiners and builders, these strict safety protocols may not be adhered to, endangering our clients, their property, the public and the contractors themselves.
  2. Heating and Plumbing

    In specific regard to gas boilers or any other gas appliances, it remains illegal for anyone other than a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out servicing or repairs. Due to the potentially dire consequences of getting gas-related work wrong, only those who have proven their ability to work to industry-leading standards can carry out such work. The Gas Safe Register is not a trade association nor a membership body that can be joined for a fee; it is a registration body only. For those familiar with CORGI, the Gas Safe Register replaced this in 2009.

    As a common feature in our property maintenance services and property refurbishments in the Hever area, we have performed every kind of heating and plumbing service countless times. As a time-served building and joinery company, we understand the serious nature of this work, so we never approach a situation with complacency.

    We recognise that boiler and plumbing issues arise unexpectedly and cause much disruption. While getting the issue fixed quickly remains important, it should never be done at the expense of safety.
  3. Painting and Decorating

    When it comes to painting and decorating services, our painters don’t require any industry-standard safety qualifications. However, as company that has been trading since 1995, optimal safety comes as second nature to us. Fortunately for our clients in Hever, so does immaculate workmanship. Our painters have long held a reputation in the region for stunning results with an impressive turnaround.

    Perhaps more than property refurbishments and property maintenance services, painting and decorating has the biggest DIY appeal. However, in most cases DIY results fall well below expectations. When this happens, property owners have one of two options; simply accept the results and live with walls and decoration which are messy and unimpressive, or start again with professional painters.

    Needless to say, neither option holds much appeal. A percentage of our work involves fixing botched painting and decorating jobs, meaning some of our clients essentially pay twice for one service. Don’t slip into a false economy; get perfect results first time with Inside & Out Ltd.

If you’re searching for reliable joinery, refurbishment or decorating services in Hever, call Inside & Out Ltd on 07711 135 307 or 01245 968331.

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